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About Julie Umpleby


The Founder - Julie Umpleby


Julie emerged from the corporate environment 7 years ago with a desire to support others in their journey towards a more fulfilled life. English born, but with 30 years of life experience in South Africa, she has been exposed to situations born out of prejudice and seen the tremendous power of transformation in uncovering latent human potential. 

As both a holistic therapist and business trainer, Julie has worked with individuals on both sides of the equator. "When we see through the cultural differences to the true essence of an individual, we can begin to recognise the real gifts in diversity and marvel at the interconnectedness of life at the same time".

With 20 years of corporate business experience under her belt, Julie is well placed to understand the demands of the business world. From sales to technical support, business management to staff training, she has a wealth of skills to draw on.

This, combined with a lifelong passionate interest in people and natural ways of maintaining health, creates a multi-level knowledge and experience base that translates into inspirational and enlightening training.

Julie holds numerous formal qualifications including a BSc degree, MBA, and various Technical and Management Diplomas. In addition to this, she also has a number of complementary practitioner qualifications including but not limited to Colour Therapy, Emotional Release Bodywork, PNI Practitioner, Reiki Master, Spiritual Healing and NLP.

Along with a highly skilled network of associates in the UK, her interventions, therapies and training seamlessly blend this vast wealth of experience in a fun way for real and lasting transformation.

Whether you are looking to bring a fresh new energy into your workplace, want guidance for a personal quest, need tools to help manage your stress levels or are interested in becoming a complementary therapist, we have something for you.